To Their
New Neighbors

What We Do

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Our New Neighbors

Families in our program come from 32+ countries including Chad, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Ghana, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan & more.

Heart & Hands


We match newly-arrived refugee and asylum-seeking families with local "partner" families who have slightly older kids.

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Each local partner family commits to send or deliver 2-3 clothing hand-me-down packages per year to its partner family.


Our clothing partnership has supported 350 children from 34 countries 

Mission Statement

New Neighbors Partnership welcomes refugees, asylee, and asylum seeking families by helping them forge positive social connections with local families who can provide emotional, informational, and concrete support as they resettle.

Vision Statement

We envision a society in which all refugees, asylum seekers, and asylees are welcomed into their new local communities and have access to resources and support to ease their transition.

Help Welcome Our New Neighbors

We turn what is normally a one-time, blind donation into a long-standing relationship between families.


By partnering with a newly arrived family to contribute hand-me-down kids clothes, you can help a family feel welcomed and supported in their new life here.