Mother from Ukraine

THANK YOU for all your support and help for us during this hard year (new country, new job, new apartment, new school, no friends, everything from square one)... I literally was blindsided by generosity of people who even don't know me...we appreciate it very much! 

Father from Chad

Thank you very much, my wife and I are so grateful to you. Thanks again for all your donations. May God bless you for it.

Mother from Pakistan

Thank you so much for everything - it was all the things which I need. I appreciated your support, its not forgettable. Once again thank you so much for helping us.


[My client] is humbled by the generosity that has been extended to her and her family.

She also feels very blessed to have been chosen to be helped by this group. It has served to restore her hope for tomorrow.

On behalf of the family, many thanks and may God continue to bless the work that the organization does. The impact that it has had on this one family is priceless.

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