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"I cannot imagine my survival without New Neighbors Partnership"
— Single mom from Pakistan


New Neighbors Partnership matches refugee, asylee, and asylum-seeking families with local NYC families who have older kids and can pass on hand-me-down clothing from season to season. This initiative provides ongoing support to families who usually receive (at most) three months of resettlement support when they first arrive in the US.


Kids grow quickly, families have continuous need for children's clothing, and clothing drives are a time-intensive and temporary solution — with NNP, clothes go directly from the families that have to the families that need, providing an environmentally sustainable model. 

Hand-me-down partnerships have been established between New York families and newly-resettled families from 34 countries, including Afghanistan, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Ghana, Honduras, Pakistan, Chad, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, and Haiti. No matter where they're from, we're here to welcome them to the neighborhood. 

Check out our 2022
Impact Report

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