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Partner with a Refugee Family

 2 Options: 

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Mail Directly

Mail 2-3 packages of clothing each year to your partner family

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Deliver In-Person

Drop off 2-3 packages of clothing each year to your partner family

Connect with your New Neighbor today!

Donation Requirements

(1) Donations should be in excellent condition 

Please do not donate anything with stains, rips, or missing parts. 

(2) Practice culturally sensitivity & keep in mind the family situation

For example, please don't donate Christmas outfits to a Muslim family, or a "My Daddy Loves Me" onesie to a single mother.


(3) Donated underwear must be new (tags on)

(4) Items must be clean - no pet hair, please! 

Dog & cat pets are a foreign concept to some of our new families and they may discard clothing if it has pet hair on it. 

Asked Questions

  • Can I write a letter to my new neighbor? 

    • Yes! Please read our guidelines here

  • Can I donate toys, books, or other items? 

    • Families often have space constraints, but they're frequently ​happy to accept toys, books, and baby supplies as well - as long as everything is in excellent/like-new condition. Just let us know what you're planning to donate. 

  • How do I know if something is in good enough condition to donate? 

    • Providing useful donations that maintain clients' dignity and maintaining good relationships with our partner organizations is essential. Items should be in excellent condition. If you wouldn't pass it on to a friend's child, or if you're not sure, please do not include it in your donation. 

  • Can I mail/deliver more than 2-3 packages per year if I have items to donate?

    • Yes! Please keep us updated about what you donate and we also encourage you to consider that most families have very little space. 

  • How do you find the refugee families to participate? 

    • We partner with caseworkers at several national organizations - HIAS, IRC, Catholic Charities, and Human Rights First - to identify recently arrived families with young children who are most in need of support.

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