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Write To Your New Neighbor

We love when matched families form connections, and writing a letter to your new partner family is a wonderful way to help them feel welcomed and supported in their new lives in America. Please follow these guidelines: 

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Feel free to adjust our text below — this is just to give you some ideas for appropriate messages.

Some families have just arrived, but others have been here for a year or more. If you're not sure, ask us, and we can provide guidance to help you craft your letter.

You can get your kids involved by asking them to add a drawing or doodle.

If you're concerned about language barriers or want to include a translation into the family's primary language, email and we can help! 

If you're comfortable, send us a photo of your letter so we can include it on our social media! 

Part 1 - Welcome

Part 2 - Validation

Part 3 - Introduce Yourself

Part 4 - Warm Wishes & Closing

  • "Welcome to the New York!" 

  • "Welcome to your new community!" 

  • "Welcome to your new home!"

  • "We are so happy you have made it here safely!" 

  • "We know you've had a very difficult journey, and we feel lucky to have you in our community." 

  • "Moving to a new place is so hard, and we admire your bravery."

  • "You have so much strength and courage."

  • "Your family is a beautiful addition to our community." 

  • "We live in Queens with our three kids."

  • "Our daughter is two years older than your daughter."

  • "We have lived in New York for 8 years and we hope you love it as much as we do." 

  • "Our favorite part of Brooklyn is Prospect Park. I hope you can visit soon." 

  • "We're so happy you're here."

  • "We are grateful to be connected to your family."

  • "We are here for you, and we care about your future." 

  • "We hope you will feel at home in New York." 

  • "We wish you all the best in your new life here." 

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